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Exhibitions 'DistillArt' & 'animalcoholcs.'

As an expertise centre about jenever, the Jenevermuseum
intends to highlight new information about the collection,
social developments, or technological evolutions. 

For the moment you can enjoy the exhibition 'DistillArt. Belgian jenever and liqueur posters' and also the artistic intervention 'animalcoholics.' by photogrpaher Frieke Janssens. See below.

DistillArt. Belgian jenever and liqueur posters

Exotic scenes, blushing farmers, seductive ladies or famous faces ... Every argument is good to sell jenever and liqueurs.  Many distillers tried to do this with posters in various colors and sizes. Tailored to different target audiences; often responding to the latest trends. Some posters really are gems of applied art, made by famous or lesser-known designers.
This exhibition is part of a double exhibition. The second part can be visited in Het Stadsmus.


The exhibition animalcoholics. challenges photographer Frieke Janssens to reflect on alcohol as a socially accepted drug and its position in modern society. Janssens created a large surrealist account in which she wrenches alcohol out of its natural context. She never wants to impose anything on the spectator, but rather shows the other side of the same coin. Humour is never far off and plays an important part in this reflection. It results in an anti-branding campaign that provides a counterweight to the exhibition of ‘jenever’ (the Dutch gin) posters, entitled DistillArt.

Since 1st October 2016 you can visit the multidisciplinary arts festival Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk, turning the spotlight onto TRADEMARKS. Through contemporary art, fashion, design, music and photography the City Triennial in Hasselt and Genk discloses the stories behind originality, innovation and personal branding in artistic ways. Several exhibitions, socio-artistic projects and a myriad of invigorating activities take you on a 100 days of Logomania rollercoaster. animalcoholics. is part of this festival.