Jenever academy

From jenever in the past to jenever in the here and now: 
the jenever academy allows you to explore not only the 
most common flavours of grain jenever, 
but also your own tastes and preferences. 
Smell and feel, ... let your senses lead the way. 
A tasting wheel gives you a description of all those taste sensations. A sitemap shows the way in the world of distilled drinks. Because what was the deal again with jenever, gin and whisky? And finally, how do you store, pour and drink jenever? You'll learn all about the perfect serve and your own preference. When you leave the academy, you'll know what you're drinking and how to drink it!

What's in a name

Don't just call every distilled drink with juniper berry aroma a jenever. Since 2008 jenever is EU protected asa kind of  appellation d'origine contrôlée. The denominations grain jenever, grain genever, and genièvre de grains are reserved for Belgium, the Netherlands and France (Nord and Pas-de-Calais). 

Smell and taste 

Bread, light sweet, light bitter, light roasted, light tartish. Do you like the taste of grain or rather floral tastes: sweet, citrus and camphor, bitter with an aromatic sent, intensely refreshing, and at the same time tart? Examine the grain and the herbs up close that determine the typical flavour of each jenever. Look, feel, and compare scents. Take the test and discover which jenever suits your taste best.