Jenever is about taste, history and science distilled into one tiny glass. How does an aroma add flavour? What's the effect of alcohol on your body? For students in exact sciences we provide a workshop in which chemistry and physics join forces to put all this to a tasteful test.

A drink filled with science

Fermentation, distillation... it's not just the ingredients that determine the jenever's taste. In this workshop filled with experimentation, following a tour at the museum, you'll discover how the distiller uses science and technology to create unique flavours. You can choose from a scientific or a practice-based programme.
Target audience: students exact sciences
Price: € XXX
Duration: XXX

A matter of taste

After an interactive foto search throughout the museum, the students will get acquainted with some sober facts about alcohol and food during a game based around statements. Afterwards, it's time to stimulate your senses: you'll blind taste several flavours and smell different aromas. You'll play "The Noise" and face the dangers of overdrinking with specially crafted beer goggles.
Target audience: 15 to 18 year olds (also suitable for students in technical and vocational secondary education)
Price: € 1 per student + € 75 for the guide* (*under specific conditions the guide is free of charge for schools in Hasselt)
Duration: approximately 2.5 hours
Participants: a maximum of 25 per session