Jazz 'n Jenever: De Groote - Faes Duo

Jazz 'n Jenever in de stookzaal van het Jenevermuseum
Belgian instrumental duo with a strong live reputation, having played a couple of hundred live performances since 2013.
Exploring an ever widening universe of highly personal sounds while using only classical double bass and often raw electric guitar, the atmospheres shift from energetic and wild jazz to delicate intimacy, classic beauty and poetry, echoes of world and ethnic music, into trippy electronic sound manipulation. In the process of creation, the duo lays a heavy focus on composition and arrangement, which leads to a unique and exuberant repertoire, instantly recognisable.


Doors:  20.30u
Start:  21.00u

Het concert vindt plaats in de sfeervolle stookzaal van het Jenevermuseum.

Tickets beschikbaar aan de kassa of online te bestellen via deze link.

12 euro (incl. borrel)
10 euro (incl. borrel - UitPashouders Hasselt & leden vzw Nationaal Jenevermuseum Hasselt)