Get going with jenever! Learn how to use your senses to the fullest in an exploration of all the possibilities jenever has to offer. For some workshops the museum has set up a collaboration with chocolatiers and chefs for you to endulge in the most unexpected of flavours in a food pairing.

Tasting session Chocolat & Jenever

Chocolatiers and jenever distillers are both artisans who dedicate all their care and passion to finding only the best ingredients while creating their delicious products. During this food pairing the flavours of both these artisanal products are combined in a match made in heaven. But first: head ...More info >

Jenever tasting initiation

Each jenever has its own story to tell. Observe the rules of the art and discover, smell and taste the large amount of variaties. During this tasting session you're taught what to look for while tasting and enjoying jenever.
Price for a workshop during the day: € 12 pp (with a minimum of € ...More info >