Jenever bar

In the jenever bar everything revolves around tasting.
Young, old ormatured, fruity or creamy, straight up or in a cocktail?
In the jenever bar there's a drink for everyone. 
Building on its expertise in our national drink's development and perception, the Jenevermuseum's bar has an extensive selection of jenever from Belgium on offer. Come and take a look (or taste): there are no less than 130 kinds of jenever!
The jenever bar is free to visit, even if you're not visiting the museum itself. During opening hours you're welcome for a drink, a cosy get-together with family or friends on our summer outdoor café, or as host for visitors to get to know the product of Hasselt and the Low Countries. 

The jenever bar and the court yard are also the location for many activities: music, theatre, performances, ...