A tantalizing trip with your friends or family, focused on flavours!
If you're looking for an activity that combines fun and learning,
take a look at our program for groups. 

Jenevermuseum: guided tour

You're taken around the museum by an expert who'll provide you with insights in the jenever production process and its history. Facts and anecdotes alternate. But you do not only listen, also your other senses have to get tot work. You smell, feel and taste discovering the different flavours of Belgian genever.

Price for a tour during the day (minimum 15 persons - maximum 25 persons): € 5 p.p. and € 70 for the guide
Price for a tour in the evening (after 16.15h) (minimum 15 persons - maximum 20 persons): € 10 p.p. and € 70 for the guide

Duration: 1,5h

Jenevermuseum & Jenever route: guided tour

Hasselt, city of jenever! Hasselt can rightly claim it's been at the forefront of producing jenever for centuries. First the Jenevermuseum will reveal the history and production process of jenever.  Then walking the Jenever route will show how the entire city was drenched in jenever. The tour obviously includes a drink in the museum's tasting bar, but also anothe 'witteke' en route. Moreover, everyone will get a jenever shot glass as a nice souvenir of Hasselt.

Price: € 10,5 p.p. + € 140 for the guide (minimum 15 persons - maximum 20 persons)

Duration: 4 hours