Tickets and practical information

A visit to the Jenevermuseum makes you 'jenever wise'. 
Focusing on mind ànd body, the Jenevermuseum
turns your visit into an experience. 
The museum, an expo, a workshop,
a tasting or a performance: you'll be invited to enjoy and learn.

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Tuesday - Sunday: 10 h - 17 h


December 24th, 25th, 31th and January 1st
January (except Christmas holidays in Belgium)

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Having a drink in the tasting bar is always a perfect end to a visit to the Jenevermuseum or a temporary exhibition. Guided tours to the museum or a temporary exhibition are offered to groups only, as are most of the workshops.

For the moment, due to corona, you can not have a drink in our tasting room. In exchange for your token, you will receive some candy with juniper berry flavour.

  • ​Individual ticket to museum and current exhibition: € 7 (1 drink included)
  • Groups (maximum of 10 persons): € 5 (1 drink included)
  • Guided tour (maximum of 10 persons): € 5 (1 drink included) + € 70 for the guide
    Due to the corona measures, group visits of up to 10 people are possible from September 10.
  • 65+: € 5 (1 drink included)
  • 12-26 year: € 3 (1 drink included)
  • -12 years: free (no drink included)
  • Holders UiTpas Hasselt, ICOM: free (no drink included)
  • For the moment, due to corona, you can not have a drink in our tasting room. In exchange for your token, you will receive some candy with juniper berry flavour.
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During special exhibitions ticket rates can change!

Download here the itinerary to the museum or find your train schedule below.

Visually impaired visitors can download the main museum texts in large print here

Visiting our museum in times of corona?
Here’s how to do it!
We are delighted that you want to visit our museum. To make your visit as safe as possible, we need you to respect a few rules.

The main rules are:
• book your visit in advance via the website
• choose a time slot on the website
• pay for your visit online in advance with your credit card
• wear a mouth mask
• disinfect your hands upon entering the museum
• keep your distance from other visitors
• follow the designated walking direction          

Now let’s take a closer look at the details....

Book and pay in advance
To do so, go to the museum’s website. Choose a date and a time slot between 10:00 and 16:00. It's best to pay for your ticket online with your credit card immediately, as this enables us to make your visit safer for you.
Even if you have a discount card or are entitled to free admission, you still have to reserve a time slot. 
If you don't have internet, you can call us on 011 23 98 60 to book your visit.  
If you are unable to attend on the day, you can either cancel your visit or change it to another time slot up to 24 hours beforehand. 
! Please note: do not come to the museum without a reservation.
Choose a time slot online
When booking a ticket online, you can choose a 20-minute time slot between 10:00 and 16:00. You must register at the museum reception desk during this time slot and then your visit can commence. This is to limit the number of visitors and to make your visit as safe as possible, in line with the national guideline stipulating 1 person per 15m². 
Do not pay with cash
If you are unable to pay online you can pay at the museum's ticket desk. Please note: we would like you to pay by card or a contactless method. For reasons of safety, we would rather not accept cash.
Disinfect your hands upon entering the museum
Please disinfect your hands immediately upon entering the museum. We will provide everything necessary for this. The receptionist will then welcome you and check you in after being shown your ticket.
Keep enough distance
We want your visit to be as safe as possible. Therefore, always maintain enough distance (at least 1.5 meters) from the other visitors. Also keep your distance from the exhibited objects and do not touch them.
Follow the designated walking route
We have marked out a walking route through the museum. This ensures that you will come into contact with other visitors as little as possible. Please follow this route at all times.
Wear a mouth mask!
You are legally obliged to wear a mouth mask during your visit to the museum.  

But above all... relax, learn and enjoy your visit!

Some things will be different... 
• our lockers and cloakroom are closed and
• there are no more seats in the museum. If you have difficulty walking you can ask for a disinfected, foldable seat at the reception desk.
• we disinfect the museum every two hours (door handles, banisters, toilets,...)
• do not use the lift unless absolutely necessary. Only get into it alone or with your own family
• currently, your visit may not exceed 1 hour
• for the moment, due to corona, you can not have a drink in our tasting room. In exchange for your token, you will receive some candy with juniper berry flavour.
• there are several touchscreens in the museum. Please do not touch them with your hands, but with a special touchscreen pen. You will receive one at the reception desk and return it at the end of your visit. We disinfect the pens after each use

Some things are still the same...
• our friendly smile at the reception area
• the opportunity to learn all about jenever
• the wonderful sounds and smells throughout the museum
• the unforgettable experience
• the toilets are still open
• our entrance prices


Can I check whether there are still tickets available at the ticket desk?
No, that's not possible. You can only book tickets online or by phone.
I can't pay online. Can I also pay in the museum?
Yes, that is an option. You must book your time slot online and bring the confirmation with you to the museum. You can pay at the ticket booth, preferably by a cashless method.
Can I pay cash?
For reasons of safety, we would rather not accept cash. We provide plenty of other payment options, such as bancontact and payconiq.
Can I still buy a bottle of jenever in the tasting bar?
Yes, you can! 
Can I use the toilet during my museum visit?
Yes, that’s possible. But please respect the walking route and, of course, wash your hands thoroughly.
Can I store my belongings during my visit?
No, that is not possible. Our lockers and cloakroom are temporarily closed. 
I have difficulty walking. Can I visit the museum?
Of course! The lifts are still in use. But please only use them on your own or with your own family. The lift buttons are disinfected regularly. If you are unable to stand for long periods, ask for a folding chair at the reception desk. We disinfect these chairs after every use. 
How long can I spend in the museum?
To make your visit as safe as possible, visiting times have been restricted to a maximum of 1 hour. But don't worry, this will still give you plenty of time to take a good look at everything.

If you have any more questions, our reception staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have about ensuring a safe and comfortable visit.

Please note: we are taking every precaution possible to prevent infection. However, you visit the museum at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible afterwards in the event of a corona infection.