Travel the jenever world

Compare 4 European distilled drinks, 
or 4 jenevers from the Low Countries, 
or 4 sweet jenevers, ...
Taste and discover the variation. 
In the jenever bar we'll introduce you to the modern world of jenever. Experts put together 6 tasting formulas of 4 jenevers each. 

How about comparing 4 European distilled drinks, or four sorts of jenever from different European countries, or 4 sweet kinds of jenever... Only by tasting you'll get acquainted with the large variety of flavours...

•  Tour of Europe: wodka, whisky, gin and jenever
•  Tour of the Low Countries: jenever from French Flanders, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
•  Tour of Belgium: Balegemse jenever, O’de Flander, Hasseltse jenever and Peket de Wallonie
•  Tour of the Jenevermuseum: grain jenever, goudwater, elixir and oranjebitter
•  Sweet Tour: lemon, apple, cactus and 'cuberdon' jenever
•  Creamy tour: chooclate, vanilla, hazelnut and 'speculaas' jenever

Prices starting from € 11.